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Friend Plus (2015)

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Friend Plus (2015) sinopsis As the voice of a young generation’s sex appeal escalates, Sex, however, is a relationship that exists between men and women. It is a film composed of four stories about the stories of people with such nonsense experiences. [Episode 1] Masato, an Internet broadcasting company, is a friend of Meiwa online.
May says that he will come to the house of Masato, and after a week he comes to the house of Masato and the two spend the night. [Episode 2] Ryo is a close friend of Yukino, a colleague who is a part-time worker. Yukino has a girlfriend He tells me that he will give up what he has accumulated in the meantime. [Episode 3] Yuki, who has been separated from her girlfriend for five years, is a friend of her ex-girlfriend, Koharu, and a drunkard.

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