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I Sleep With A Classmate (2015)

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I Sleep With A Classmate (2015) sinopsis Machi, a housewife. My husband has an affair with a colleague of mine, so I do not even care about her. She refused to attend the reunion because she was doing housework every day and looking at her husband ‘ Through a long-time friend’s phone call, he gets to hear the news of his alleged tsaka-kara reunion. And the alumni association attended with the permission of the husband. She is still a nice figure in her stomach, She does not share the conversation properly, but first leaves the office for her husband who is at home. The tsaka that has followed such a maki. He confessed that he was actually in love with Maki when he was in school, presents her with lipstick, and tells where he lives. Since she is a married woman, she once rejected her temptation, Maki, who witnessed the incident where her husband is having an affair, rushes to Tashka and shares her passionate affair with him.

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