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Neighbor wife Remember: Love

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Neighbor wife Remember: Love (2015) sinopsis Michio, the seventh year married to his wife, Hitomi, a nurse. When he was working for a large company, he was suddenly summarized due to the recession in the industry and is currently working as a full-time housewife looking for a job. There are no children yet, but there are two good people. A couple will move in their next door. When I do housework, I often meet with Noriko, a neighbor ‘s wife. A month later, he finally communicates his mind to Noriko. Noriko who is embarrassed. She also likes Mitcho, but rejects him because she has a husband. So Michio tries not to meet her as much as possible to forget Noriko but does not feel like it. A few days later, Noriko and Michio came across the road by chance. They meet each other for a long time,


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