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Secretly Afternoon Of Nasty Caretaker (2014)

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Secretly Afternoon Of Nasty Caretaker (2014) sinopsis A female college dormitory in Japan. The hobby of the housekeeper who stays here and manages the facility is to steal the girls’ room. He peeks into several rooms and reaches out to their character and sleeping propensity. However, students who are unaware of this fact have no intention of resolving their individual needs in the room. Two female students in the same room share sex, some students use masturbation every day, Some students have always slept with their boyfriend in the room. Then one day, all mailboxes of the dormitory aimed at Mizu Sawa of 302
The leaflet of a sensible content is stuck in a jam, and the manager thinks that it is badly separated from Mizusawa
I judge that it is the boyfriend’s job and collect all flyers. And that night, the caretaker is taking sleeping pills in her sleeping room and taking off all her clothes


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